Duncan Tuck

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Duncan's Book Club
Duncan Tuck


Like Sand Through An Hour Glass by Yahn N. Resless

 Wayfering Stranger by Chris P. Kracker

 The Seven Year Itch by Dan Druff

 Where the Boas Are by Ann Aconda

Breeding In and Breeding Out by Bes Tinshow

Law and Disorder by Ann Arkey and Kay Yoss

Prayed and Got An Answer by Loren B. Hold

Righty Tighty and Lefty Lucy: Do Opposites Really Attract? by Walter Fawcett, Molly Boltenutt, and Lev Wingnutt  

I Hear the Bagpipes Calling by Louden Sherelle and Claire Anna Maising 

Cash For Clunkers by Selma Carr

Shoot The Fat, Chew The Bull by Chad N. Chu

Common Words Of The Romance Languages by S. Peranto  

 Guilty As Charged by Fess Stupp

 The Bright and Shiny by Jules Goldenbling, Jim and Luce Diamond

 See and Hear Nothing by Pastor Izaneers

  Cool, Clear Water by Slim Wettman

  How To Profit In Public Office by Lionel Peyoff

 Tell It On Wolverton Mountain by Cilfton Clowers

  C & W, BFF by Tex Twitter
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