Duncan Tuck

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Duncan's Book Club
Duncan Tuck


 Bureaucratic Vanity by Chester Drawers

Long Winded Stories  by Juan Biggs-Knoor and Boris Saul d'Deth

 Rules of Manners  by Eddy Kett, Curt Dessy, and Noah Fentz

 Soft Cheeses  by Cameron Bear

Lawrence Welk: A Biography  by Awanda Andatou

 Guilty as Charged by Cody Fendent

  Our Condiments to the Chef  by Bern Nayz and May O. Nayz

 Short Order  by Hammond Ryan Mayo with Dillon Cole-Slaugh and Julian Fry

Smutrakers  by Toulouse N. Krass, Kirsten Custer-Route, and Loren DeBarre

 That`s A Laugh! That Joke Is So Hilarious, It`s Not Even Funny  by Dewey Laffayette

 Car Czars by Otto Kratt

The Girl With the Draggin' Tutu  by Aulden Flabbie

 Dead Ends, Detours, and Roadblocks  by Chuck Cole and Barry Kades

Never Got It  by Diane DeGettit

Extended Vacation  by Landon C. Tripp

The World Of Fast Food  by Thurston Unger and Julian Fry

Best Job Security  by Kisha Nass

Seventh Inning Stretch  by Husan Furst

Rent For Now  by Lisa Dubai


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