Duncan Tuck

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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck

These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!

Come On Down by Bryce S. Wright

Math Fantasy Camp In Washington D.C by Adam Mollup and Spence Moore

 Pour Excuse by Cody Pendint

Hole In The Head, Or Open Minded, Which Is It? by Pierce Deere

All Washed Up by Preston “Squeaky” Dreyden-Killeen

Without A Key by Jimmie DeLocke & Carrie A. Toone

50 Shades of Gary by Krauss Dresser

Symbol of Life by Al LeGory 

Accept The Exceptions by Lou Poul

Drunk and Disoriented by Tae Wan Aun

When The IRS Comes Knockin' by Lyle Lacarugg 

 Celebutaunts, Debutarts, And Prostitarts: Half A Bubble Off by Toulouse N. Rood, Audrey Tawdry and Paul Tree

 There Goes My Baby by Sid N. Purdy and Austin La Veesta

The High Cost of Living by Armand Delegg

Acupuncture; The Pin Is Mightier Than The Sore by Meagan A. Pointe

 Droopy Drawers  by Toulouse Fitton, Sawyer Kiester, and Willis Panshou-Andropov

 Taking the Road Less Traveled by Yul B. Sari

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