Duncan Tuck

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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck

These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel by “Scoop” Lodan-Holloway and Aldus Crapp

 Life After Prison by Rhea Justin and Phil D. Payne

 What A Big Difference! by Sy Smatters, Dayne Knight

Guesstimated History by Wyn Everette Wass

A Little More Proof by Minnie Barr

At The End of My Rope by A. Fred Nott

Get Crackin' by Crispin Karunshi  

And The Beat Goes On by Lottie Dadido

Career As Folk by Gay Ballad

 Flew the Coop by M.T. Nester

 Get Well Soon by Eden Wright and Phil N. Goode

Can't Live Without 'Em by Aaron Whater

Same Old Song & Dance by Tristen Schought

Give Me Some Credit by Owen A. Fortune

If You Think You Can? by Carmen Duit

A Breath of Fresh Air by Hal A. Tosis

Backup Plan by Justin Case

Unringing A Bell by Al Armist

Where Is Love? by Luke Andrew, Will Fyndit

Time Will Tell by Sterling "I.O." Silver
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