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Duncan's Book Club
Duncan Tuck


From Thrifty Nickel To “TRADIO” by Penny Pincher and Ima Byner-Sellen

Howard Be Thy Name by Lloyd Sprayer and Art N. Nevin

Difference of Opinion by Raven Crowe

Name Calling; It's Not A Game! by Kirsten Custer-Route and Toulouse N. Krass

Problems Or Issues - Which Is It? by Belle E. Aiken

Arizona Byways by Y. Lee Kioti & Bee Peep

Oh, Danny Bowie by Glenda Glenn & Imus Bide, N. Forrest, Orin Meadow

Voting Red In A Purple State by Rosie Periwinkle

My Color Is Plaid by Aaron Winden-McKilt

Masked And Sordid Stories by Marco Sauro

Practical Jokes For Practically Every One by Jes Scott Punkt

One Whey "Occurd" To Me by Miss Tuffy Muffet

Friends, Romans, and Countrymen by Linda Near

Gator Wrestling by Jess A Crock

The Kids Are Here by Heidi Likker

How To Draw A Crowd by Sketch Peeples

Saddle Up, Rein It In, And Get Right Back On Your Horse by Barry “Buckin` Bronko” Bama and Ran Chand

Lost, Found, Fleeced, and Served by Bo Peep & Raquel Lamm

Short Order by Hammond Ryan Mayo with Dillon Cole-Slaugh and Julian Fry

Common Words Of The Romance Languages by S. Peranto

Touching the 3rd Rail by Darren Hugo Furst

Backward Flip by Taylor Heads

That's Crack! by Thad Snodgrass

Dinghy & Dirty by Dorian Greywater
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