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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


"Deer In The Headlights" Eyes
      by    Cotton d`Rhode

A Little Goes A Long Way
      by    Anna Bitmoore, Les S. Moore

After A Time, He Got His Clock Cleaned
      by    "Big Bully" Bud Dinsky

Always Another New Dance Partner
      by    Dan Soste

Bad Taste Is Better Than No Taste-Or Is It?
      by    A. Tad Sweet and Uma Umami

B-Leaguered: Demoted From The Major Leagues
      by    Husan Furst

By And Large, We`re Buyin` Large
      by    Morris Goode and Payne N. Cash

Chippendale Dudes
      by    Tanden Tallen-Browne and "Rip" Parr-Schirtzoff

Dealin` From The Bottom Of The Deck
      by    Alma Bettseroff and Collier Bluff

Don`t Call Me "Old Man"
      by    Mrs. C. P. River

End Of Story
      by    Faye DeBlack

Feeling Abandoned And Gay
      by    Izzy A. Manner, A. Boyer-Watt, and L.G. Beatee

For The Sake Of Argument
      by    Donny Brooke and May Lay

Give Your Pet Rabbit All The Carrot Deserves
      by    Bunny Hopper and Jes A. Haremoore

Guzzle Buzzed
      by    Ben Schtrinker

His Legacy Is Unraveling Faster Than A Burrito In A Backpack
      by    Ben A. Rollin-Toulouse

I Adore A Fadora
      by    Hattie Capp

Ignore And Prevent "Phonies"
      by    Trace McCall

It's Not In The Cards, Pokerface!
      by    U.Delta Badand

Kiss Me Back, Blarney Stone
      by    Anita Manda Love, Evy Knight

Little Things
      by    Mike Rowe and Minnie A. Tur

Mats, Ropes, And Rings
      by    Jim Nist

My Bucket List Goes Way Beyond The Pale
      by    Creighton Barrel

One Swings, And The Other One Screws
      by    Isadora Jarr

Poker Phase
      by    Collier Bluff and Dillon A Card

Right On Target
      by    Bowen Narrows, Celine Schott, and Amos True

She Ain`t What She Used To Be
      by    Pastor Prime

Smoke Screen
      by    Sig Rhett Burns, Sig Garr-Burns, Bolivar C. Garr, Huma Dohr, and Piper Ashe Trey

Take It For What It`s Worth
      by    Robin Lyon-Steele, Ran Sack, and Chita Lott

The Funny Bone Incident
      by    Hugh Murus

The Incredible Hunk
      by    Chip Hoffderolblock

The Proctologist/Ophthalmologist Who Had 20/20 Hindsight
      by    Dr. Luke N. Feelwright

Those Alphabet Networks vs. That One "F.N." Channel; Fair Fight?
      by    Ben Schwatcher

Ulysses, You Read It
      by    Helen O. Troy

Walk Toward The Bright Light
      by    Newt Kuwler

What's In The Paper Today?
      by    Rollin A. Doobie, " The Slow Burnin` Home Grown Dude"

Wine And Beer O`Clock
      by    Merle Lowe & Char D`Nay

50 Shades of Gary
      by    Krauss Dresser

Breeding In and Breeding Out
      by    Bes Tinshow

Dead Ends, Detours, and Roadblocks
      by    Chuck Cole and Barry Kades

Get Well Soon
      by    Eden Wright and Phil N. Goode

If You Think You Can?
      by    Carmen Duit

Never Got It
      by    Diane DeGettit

Rent For Now
      by    Lisa DuBai

The Real Story Of Mr. Potato Head
      by    Boyle "The Face" Tater, Emma Tater, and Julian Frye

When The IRS Comes Knockin'
      by    Lyle Lacarugg

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