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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


A Clothes Brush With The Fashion Police
      by    Preston "Squeaky" Dreyden-Killeen

A Useful Idiot`s Guide To Climate Change; Follow The Money
      by    Hotten Haughter and Colin Kohler

All I Got In Prison
      by    Emile Endicotte, Anna"Tiny"Bitmoore

Ask Jim!
      by    Jemhu and Jim Watt, with Jim Wynn, Jim Howe, and Jim Ware

Birkenstocks And Socks: Faux Pas For Two Feet
      by    Thom McCann, 'Buster' Brown, and Poll Parrot

Bulk Shopping Saver
      by    Sasha Deal and Lois Price

Cattle Rustler
      by    Branden A. Maverick and " Smokey" Irons

Crossed My Eyes And Dotted My T`s
      by    Liz Dexia

Dog Whistle Code Talk
      by    Dewey Laffeyette, "Smiley Face" Emo G. Khan, and Noam Sayne

Drive Responsibly
      by    F. Fiona Carr

Fast And Loose
      by    Rikki T. and Rusty Tew-Wheeler

Flashin` The Fashion On The Runway
      by    Tanden Tallen-Browne and Catherine"Cat" Walker,

Gender Free Public Rest Rooms
      by    Izzy A. Manner, A. Boyer-Watt, and L. G. Beatee

Grain Drain
      by    Oly Burl Lapsack

Helen Highwater-A Naval Novel
      by    C. Cliff with Rocky and Sandy Schorrs

How To Win Then Lose Friends
      by    Jeslyn M. Munny

I. R. S.; You`ve Got What It Takes
      by    Hanover D`Loot and Morton Ewell-Knead

It Was A Close Score
      by    Wanda Tew with Rainn DeLay

Kindred Spirits On A Casual Walk Back Into The Woods For The LAST TIME!
      by    Hillary Clinton and Huma Kiddin

Like A Party In My Mouth
      by    Candida Bitemoore

Man-Child Socialist
      by    Justin Trudeau

Mr. Smarmy Pants
      by    Wade Tewbigg, Forrest Bridges

Nothing Like The Present
      by    "Curly" Bowen-Ribens

Pinning Donkeys Is What This Game Entails
      by    Meagan d`Pointe

Pulling Strings
      by    Mary Annette Dahl

Senior Momentums
      by    Walker Wheeler-Cain

Skidmarks To Gramma`s House, Laughing All The Way
      by    Juan Horace Oban-Slay and Belle & Bob Tailring

Sucker Punch!
      by    Dax A. Loeb-Lowe

The Coast Is Clear
      by    Sandy Schorrs

The Girl Without Any Common Scents
      by    Misty Cologne and Adam Mizer

The Pirate Who Got His Hook At The Second Hand Store
      by    Captain Sealed and Enseign Bordinett

The Whispering Equestrian
      by    Colten Horst-Trayner and Karen Fieding-Manual

Tried And True
      by    Justice Wellin Goode

Verbal Macreme; Twists On Words
      by    Lexi Jute and Ty D. Knotts

What`s The Score?
      by    Nada Little, Nora Lott

Who Moved My Cheese?
      by    Jes Askin, Satch Churrs, Mustafa Goode-Dreason

You`re Fly Is Open
      by    Major Luke Downe

Backup Plan
      by    Justin Case

Come On Down
      by    Bryce S. Wright

From Thrifty Nickel To "TRADIO"
      by    Penny Pincher and Ima Byner-Sellen

Howard Be Thy Name
      by    Lloyd Sprayer and Art N. Nevin

Math Fantasy Camp In Washington D.C.
      by    Adam Mollup and Spence Moore

Practical Jokes For Practically Every One
      by    Jes Scott Punkt

      by    Toulouse N. Krass, Kirsten Custer-Route, and Loren DeBarre

The High Cost of Living
      by    Armand De Legg

Voting Red In A Purple State
      by    Rosie Periwinkle

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