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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


A Frantic And Fantastical Cat Fanatic
      by    Harry N. Shedden

A Voice That Could Peel Paint Off The Wall
      by    Gabby Schrillwhiner

All My E-Mails Are From Females
      by    Tex Smee UPDATE

Assuming Room Temperature
      by    Dinah Lone and Morgana Chapel

Bit That Bullet And Dodged It Too!
      by    M. T. Schell

Bull In A China Shop
      by    Sara Nishu

Cheese And Rice! Shut The Front Door! WThF!, ##%@**#%*!!, Pardon My French!
      by    Kirsten Custer-Route

Crude Realities
      by    Aldus Crapp, Aulden Leaky, and Justina Pyle

Dollars and Sense: The Smell of Money
      by    Bill Chaser

Easter Time Zone
      by    Marty Graw & Ashe Wenzy

      by    "Zip" Buttons, Ben and Tilly Snapps

Follow The Money
      by    Carrie DeNote

Getting Something Started
      by    Jen Raider and Alton Nader

Grain Of Salt
      by    Pepper Korn

Hey! My Eyes Are Up Here
      by    Anthony "Horndog" Wiener, and Huma Kiddin

Humor Is All In The….Timing!
      by    Dewey Laffeyette

I`m Throwing You A Bone
      by    Hugh Murus

It`s All Over But The Shouting
      by    Howell N. Wale and Louden Schrillwhiner

Kinky Boots In True Colors
      by    Sydney Lopper

Like Drinking Water From A Fire Hose
      by    Morton Ewell-Knead

Mansplaining My Manspread
      by    A. Donnis

Mum`s The Word
      by    Mary Gold, Rhoda Dindren, and Chris Santimum

On The Other Hand, You Can Just Sit On Your Hands
      by    Ann B. Dextrous

Pipe Dreams; A Pot Grower`s Smokescreen
      by    Mara Wannamaker and A.U.Gedoff -McCloud

Puns : A Certain Kinda Funny
      by    Madge N. DeWitts and Huma Kiddin

      by    Quincy Dentil

Sleepin` On A Bed Of Roses
      by    Thorny and Burly Bush

Sweep Up The Names You Just Dropped!
      by    Jes Shoenoff, Wade Tewbigg, Forrest Bridges

The Donkeys And The Elephants
      by    Winn Baggs

The Idiot`s Guide To Dummies
      by    Manny Quinn and Vin Trilokist

The Pole Dancer And Comic Stripper
      by    Berle Lesk and "Tiny" B. Hinde

They`re Comin` To America
      by    Mustafa Goode-Dreeson and Ezera Lott Moore

TSA Macarena : Caught Holding
      by    Hans B. Hinde and Pat Downe

Victimology; The Whiner Takes It All
      by    Fareed O`Tierney and Ferris Fair

Whatever Floats Your Boat
      by    Marina Slipp and "Doc" Master

Who's Dumb Asphalt Was This?
      by    Tarquin Hardin-Fast and Rollin Tulane-Rhodes

You`re Rubber, And I`m Glue
      by    "Stretch" E. C. Mint

Backward Flip
      by    Taylor Heads

Common Words Of The Romance Languages
      by    S. Peranto

Gator Wrestling
      by    Jess A. Crock

I Hear the Bagpipes Calling
      by    Louden Sherelle and Claire Anna Maising

My Color Is Plaid
      by    Aaron Winden-McKilt

Prayed and Got An Answer
      by    Loren B. Hold

Soft Cheeses
      by    Cameron Bear

Wayfering Stranger
      by    Chris P. Kracker

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