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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
      by    A. Kaysa Dewar-Dye

Actually, You`re Absolutely Awsome And Amazing
      by    Ann Sawaya-Wynan

All Washed Up
      by    Preston "Squeaky" Dreyden-Killeen, and Drew A. Bath

Bad Hair Day
      by    Braden McQuaff and Kerry McComb

Biting The Hand That Laid The Golden Egg
      by    Yul Rue-DeDay

      by    "Bugs" Zappa

Chicago Typewriters
      by    Tommy Gunn

Crushed It
      by    "Buster" Flatt, Anwir Dunn

Dollars To Donuts
      by    I. Boettcher Wright

Eat, Pray, Burp, Repeat
      by    Oly Cross, Father Downe-DeRhode, and Monk Nunn

Feel Fantastic
      by    Bianca Pare and Phil N. Goode

      by    Diane N. Dash, Candida Bightmoore, and Chuck Waggon

Give Protesters The CHANTS, And They`ll Repeat `Em All Day
      by    Waylon Howell, Louden Schrill, B. Louden Rood, and Mustafa Goode-Dreesen

Guide To Fast Food In America
      by    Del Lee Counter and Diane N. Dash

Hip Speak, Like "Epic, Massive, Huge, Swag, Wicked, Heart Attack Serious, and Way Cool"
      by    Sol Goode & Zack Lee Wright

Humor, Like Verbal Macreme, Twisted And Knotty
      by    Joe King

If You Build A Wall, Someone Will Take Offense
      by    Bill DeWaller-Fentz

It`s Like Trying To Nail Jello To A Tree
      by    Jill Atnus and Ivis Scausity

Kiss Face
      by    Emo G. Khan

Like It`s Absolutely, Awesome And Amazing
      by    Sid N. Purdy

Math Fantasy Camp In Washington D.C.
      by    Adam Mollup and Spence Moore

My Bad
      by    Maya Culpa

One Humdinger Of A Doozy
      by    Minnie Cooper

Playin` Him Like A Stratavarius
      by    Carrie A. Toone, Louden Sweet

Rap City In Blue
      by    `Lil Aiken Payne

Serious In The Front, Party In The Back
      by    Harry Mullet

      by    Earl Lee Riser

Take A Powder
      by    Skip Towne and Al B. Sienna-Round

The Dying Business
      by    Barry L. Service, Morgana Chapel, M. Balmer, and Nelda Coffin-Schutt

The Idiot`s Guide To ESP
      by    Ciaire Voyant, Perrin Normal, and Sienna Crystal Ball

The Porpoise Of Fresh Tuna Is Uncanny
      by    Annette Fischer

This Doll Won`t Fall For You!
      by    Neva Lashka

Two Silhouettes On The Shade
      by    Amir Shado

      by    Lucinda Head

Whatever`s Left Is Just Not Right
      by    Porter Starbird

Wild Cow Catching
      by    Brandon A. Maverick, Angus Roper, and Bernie Irons

Zip, Zero, Nada
      by    Anwir Dunn

Best Job Security
      by    Kisha Nass

Cool, Clear Water
      by    Slim Wettman

Get Crackin'
      by    Crispin Karunshi

Name Calling; It's Not A Game!
      by    Kirsten Custer-Route and Toulouse N. Krass

Problems Or Issues - Which Is It?
      by    Belle E. Aiken

The Kellogg Serials
      by    Edith Witherspoon

What A Big Difference!
      by    Sy Smatters, Dayne Knight

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