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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


"Howard" Be Thy Name
      by    Lloyd Sprayer and Art N. Nevin

A Little School Girl`s Chronicles
      by    Mary Haddah, Liddy Lamm with Wan Tu And "Skip" Tumalou

After The Humpty Dumpty Incident, We Were All Walking On Eggshells
      by    Olive D. Kingsmen

Always Another Side
      by    Darren T. Differ

Bada Bing, Bada Boom!
      by    Anwir Dunn

Blue, Crass Hootenanny
      by    Rollin D. Hay and Jes Blaine Grosse

Call Her By Her Name
      by    Ann Sheila Peer

Christmas Dinner
      by    Amelia Love

Deciding Motor Home Or Tee-Pee Camp Ground
      by    R. V. Hortense

Don`t Chew…..Cry!
      by    Eton Neat and Dr. Perry O`Donnel-Case

ESP For Dummies
      by    Claire Voyant, Perrin Normal, and Sienna Crystal-Ball

      by    Chuy Toi

Foreign 20 Blackbirds Baked In A Pie
      by    Ima Eden Fowl and Phil N. Goode

Going To Cuba? Learn To Speak Cubist In A Week!
      by    Mark Cuban

Hammer It Now, Screw It Later
      by    Claude Hammer, Phillip Sedd, and Molly Boltenutt

Historically Famous Organs
      by    Hugh Johnson and E Norma Stits

I Ate The Falafel, And Now I Feel Awful
      by    Candida Bightmore and Belle E. Aiken

Impulse Buyer
      by    Spence Oliver Munny

Jesus Jeans Are Holy Jeans
      by    Xavier Knickers

Lawn Story Short
      by    Lon Storrey-Short

Living In A Hashtag# And Hyphen-Nation
      by    Octavia Octothorpe#, and Bindi Wavey-Tildy~

McDonald`s: Burger King`s ARCH Rival
      by    Biff And Patty Fryer

My ISIS Seen The Taliban
      by    Warren Tara

Open Minded, Or Hole In The Head? Which Is It?
      by    Jes Askin

Pounding The Pavement
      by    Tarquin Hardin-Fast

Schoolyard Gamer
      by    Agate "Aggie" Marbles and Jaxon Ball

She`s Gone Off In The Weeds
      by    Bud Alcindor Flowers

Snared And Drumstruck
      by    "Tom Tom" Mallet

Take The Stairs! Think Outside The Box
      by    Ellie Vader

The Girl In The Ukraine And The Tender Chick In Kiev
      by    Rush N. Storrey and Boris Saul DeDeth

The Kitty That Would Think Outside The Litter Box
      by    Catherine "Cat" Dander and Moggy, the "I Wonder" Cat

The Question Becomes Boxers, Briefs, Or Commando
      by    Ty T. Whitey and Sy Smatters

TMI; Too Much Ick
      by    Pia Little, Pia Lott, and Aldus Crapp

Unbridled Passion
      by    Colten Mayer and Orson Round

Warning From A Snooty Foodie
      by    Candace Neva-Goode

When I Was 21, It Was A Very Good Beer
      by    Wheaton Malton-Hopps and Porter Logger-Stout

With A Grain Of Salt
      by    "Pepper" Korn

A Breath of Fresh Air
      by    Hal A. Tosis

Bureaucratic Vanity
      by    Chester Drawers

Give Me Some Credit
      by    Owen A. Fortune

Law and Disorder
      by    Ann Arkey and Kay Yoss

Nothing Here To See And Hear
      by    Pastor Izaneers

Righty Tighty and Lefty Lucy: Do Opposites Really Attract?
      by    Walter Fawcett, Molly Boltenutt, and Lev Wingnutt

Symbol of Life
      by    Al LeGory

There Goes My Baby
      by    Sid N. Purdy and Austin La Veesta

Where Is Love?
      by    Luke Andrew, Will Fyndit

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