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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


"I`m Gay!", He Told Me With A Straight Face
      by    L.G. Beatee, Arne Chu, Wan Tu

A Mystery Wrapped In A Riddle
      by    Winn Watten-Ware, Ann Wyan-Howe

Agoraphobia; The Inside Story
      by    C.I. Malone and Phil N. Borden-Moody

An Idiot`s Guide To Allergies
      by    Dustin Pollen, Meagan U. Schniezenkoff, and Ebenezer Schniezer

Barbie Has To Buy Her Friends
      by    Ken Dahl

Bone To Pick
      by    Donny Brooke and May Lay

Call Me By My Proper Name
      by    Norman Clayture

Clothes Brush With The Fashion Police
      by    Preston Dresden "Squeaky" Dreyden-Killeen

Demand Equal Riots
      by    Justice I. Wood

Don`t Give Us That Jive, Street Talk
      by    Vern Ackular

Everybody`s Got To Have Something
      by    I. Mustafa Case

Fifty Shades Of Grey Lives Matter
      by    Kip Hoffa-McGrass, Wylie O`Coot, and Aulden C. Nile

Forgetability, My Random Memoirs
      by    Aulden C. Nile, Wiley O`Coot and Rikki T. O`Coot

Going To Holland? Learn HOLLERIN In A Week! Both Outdoor AND Indoor Voices
      by    Waylon Howell, Louden Schrill, and Dana Schumer

Hand Me My Selfie Narcissus-Stick
      by    Tonie and Ritzy Poser

Holy Knees, Batman! Your Tights Are Torn!
      by    Wade Tewbigg, Forrest Bridges

I Could Hear Her Eyes Rolling
      by    Kady Gagadashian

In Hot Water Now
      by    Rollin Boyle

Jump For Joy
      by    Ariel Dancer

Leakers And Hackers
      by    Knight Lee Hoffentinkle and "Wheezer" Koffenmore

Living On The Wetlands
      by    Sandy Rivers, Roxanne Mudd

Meet The Mediator
      by    R.B. Traitor

My Stalker Son Is Following Me In My Footsteps
      by    Chase N. Hunt

Our Lives In The Cheap Seats
      by    Gwen Dare, Sid Downe, Ann Waite

Preaching To The Choir From The Amen Corner
      by    A. Maizie Grace

Screamers And Leakers
      by    Louden Whett

Shipfitter`s Blues
      by    Marina Slipp and Porter Starbird

Snitches Get Stitches
      by    Gabby "The Fink" Tattler

Take Your Bull And Shove It
      by    Cad L. Russler, Ran Chand, and Barry "Buckin` Bronko" Bama

The Girl On The Gravy Train
      by    Mitt Ball, Owen A. Fortune, and Spence Oliver Munny

The Last Dropout
      by    Maliki Fawcett

The Shortest Distance Between 2 Jokes, Is A Straight Line
      by    Chuck L. King

Tonie, Alternative Jazz Clubs
      by    Fern Barr

Uncle Daddy Had Big Bucks And Deep Pockets
      by    Studs Muphin, Phil Landerer, and Luther Van Der Pimp

Wash Me
      by    Anita Bath

When She`s At The Door
      by    Will U. Helperin

With So Much Curiosity, Nine Lives Just Aren`t Enough
      by    Kitty Katt with Bob and Tom Katz

A Little More Proof
      by    Minnie Barr

C & W, BFF
      by    Tex Twitter

Dinghy & Dirty
      by    Dorian Greywater

Guesstimated History
      by    ette Wass"

Lawrence Welk: A Biography
      by    Awanda Andatou

Rules of Manners
      by    Eddy Kett, Curt Dessy, and Noah Fentz

Taking the Road Less Traveled
      by    Yul B. Sari

The Kids Are Here
      by    Heidi Likker

Where the Boas Are
      by    Ann Aconda

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