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Duncan's Book Club

Duncan Tuck


These titles, full of fun and wordplay are a result of Duncan's twisted humor.

For maximum enjoyment try reading these aloud!


"Your Fly Is Open" Zip Line
      by    Major Luke Downe

A Picture Book: The Original Paper View
      by    Paige Turner, Rita Storrey

Agreeing To Agree
      by    Sol Goode and Zack Lee Wright

Apologies To My Wife
      by    B.N. Noddy and I. Benedict Tulong

Bartending Thespian; A Pourin` Actress`s Memoirs
      by    Oliver Runyon and Ima Knott-Aktin

      by    Layton DeKnight and Dayton Hookup

Call Me Patsy And Lie To Me Again
      by    M.T. Sapp

Clueless And Clawless
      by    D. Claude Endorkatt, Farrel Katz and Allie Katt

Diamonds Are ForA Good Start!
      by    Kip Byner-Moore

Don`t Gloss It Over
      by    Matt Black

Everything's A Buck
      by    Clarence Sayle

Finally, The Fat Lady Sang
      by    Faye DeBlack and Kurt N. Downe

Free Delivery
      by    Pete Zaboy, Chip Ping and Han Ling

Goliath vs The Rock
      by    Celine Schott

Hangin` With My Homies
      by    Lev Tate

Hot Dogs And Beans Budget
      by    Frank N. LeGumes

I Feel Like The Dip At The Party
      by    Olive Tapenade

In Time, He Got His Clock Cleaned
      by    Juan Afton-Noone

Just Call My Name
      by    Al B. Dare and Al B. Sienna-Round

Lean Forward
      by    Ben and Neil Downe

Living Rent Free In Her Head
      by    Sid N. Purdy

Mega Sea Wave
      by    Sue Nommy

Nail It Now! Or You`ll Screw It Up
      by    Claude Hammer and Phillip Sedd

Out Of A Pickle, Into A Jam
      by    Dillon Sweet

      by    Newt Kewler

Screw It
      by    Titan Tudoright, Phillip Sedd and Lev Wingnutt

Shoe Collector And Soul Searcher
      by    Burke N. Stock and Selma Sole

So Far, So Good
      by    Enzo Witgoes and Zack Lee Wright

That Old Lady Abercrombie Is A Fitch!
      by    Kirsten Custer-Route

The Girl Who Danced In A Tutu, To 3/4 Time
      by    Walt Senall-Knight

The Lowest Hanging Fruit
      by    Hannah Banana Toomey

The Sky Is Falling
      by    Chick N. Little, Ty Phune, Si Close, and Al Gore

Too Many Dollars And Not Enough Sense
      by    Spence A. Lot, Moxie Ann Swank, Tonie and Ritzy Poser

Unicorns, Rainbows, Snowflakes, Fairy Tales, And Dreams
      by    Pastor Betty Bye Thyme

We`ve Devolved From The Greatest Generation To The Selfie Generation, All In 70 Years
      by    Loren DeBarr, Shamus Saul, and Gray Oldenwieser

When The Cat`s Out Of The Bag, Take The Bull By The Horns
      by    Justice I. Wood

Wuzbands And Ex-Wives
      by    Warren Jender

Accept The Exceptions
      by    Lou Poule

Can't Live Without 'Em
      by    Aaron Whater

Difference of Opinion
      by    Raven Crowe

Guilty as Charged
      by    Cody Fendent

Life After Prison
      by    Rhea Justin and Phil D. Payne

Oh, Danny Bowie
      by    Glenda Glenn & Imus Bide, N. Forrest, Orin Meadow

Saddle Up, Rein It In, And Get Right Back On Your Horse
      by    Barry "Buckin` Bronko" Bama and Ran Chand

Tell It On Wolverton Mountain
      by    Cilfton Clowers

Seventh Inning Stretch
      by    Husan Furst

Without A Key
      by    Jimmie DeLocke & Carrie A. Toone

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