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2 CD Set

"In The Key of Sea & Seaquel" - $19.97

This 2 CD set, is a collection of songs I perform on the cruise ships, recorded with full orchestra in the studio with the arrangements I use on the ships, 4 guitar solos (no accompaniment), 2 "live" comedy routines, plus some old favorites.

    "In The Key Of Sea"

  1. Big Joe
  2. Cool Change
  3. California Dreamin' 
  4. Me & Julio
  5. Calypso
  6. Mountain Dew/Rocky Top 
  7. The Wind Beneath My Wings
  8. Malaguena
  9. Endings Are Beginnings
  10. Beautiful Noise
  11. If I Were A Rich Man
  12. King Of The Road
  13. Gentle On My Mind/California (I'm Goin' Home)
  14. Labores del Manual
  15. Up Against The Wall Redneck
  16. Classical Gas
  17. Crying
  18. Daydream Believer/Happy Together
  19. The Dutchman
  20. They Call The Wind Mariah


  1. Standing Outside the Fire
  2. End of the World/Last Kiss
  3. Bonanza
  4. Cold and Dusty Mornings
  5. Crawdads
  6. Taxi/Sequel
  7. October
  8. Hopeless Romantic
  9. Rhinestone Cowboy
  10. Colorado Trilogy:
    Song for Colorado, Railroads That Ran on Gold, It's Not the Place But Just The Time
  11. Only Song / Circle
  12. The Dance
  13. American Pie Medley
  14. Christmas Dinner / A Soalin
  15. Ghost Riders
  16. Sweet Caroline, Cracklin' Rosie, Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
Newest Album "This, That and The Other

"This, That and The Other" - $12.97

As you can tell by the title, this CD is a veritable potpourri of songs.

THIS, songs I've recently added to my show on the cruise ships, recorded with a full orchestra.

THAT and THE OTHER, an eclectic collection of songs I used to play in clubs, bars, & living rooms. Some are story songs that were frequently requested over the years, and others are songs I always wanted to record, but never did, until now.

Duncan's newest album
"This, That and The Other"


  1. Sweet Caroline, Cracklin' Rosie, Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
  2. By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Galveston
  3. Kentucky Rain, Suspicious Minds
  4. I'll Have to Say I Love You In A Song, Time In A Bottle, I've Got A Name
  5. Rawhide, Blazing Saddles, Bonanza
  6. Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues, I Walk the Line

  7. THAT

  8. Sunday Morning Sunshine
  9. Hello In There, Time
  10. Me and My Uncle, Hit the Road Jack, Summertime, Work Song
  11. Someday Soon, Four Strong Winds
  12. Reason to Believe


  14. The Devil
  15. Stranger With the Melodies
  16. Mayor of Candor
  17. You Can Close Your Eyes
  18. Gunsmoke

Nostalgia Section

Note from Duncan: "I produced three albums in the '70's, and have had many requests for them in CD format. They have been remastered and are now available."
Nostalgia recordings available only through Duncan at duncan@duncantuck.com or 303-750-0665. Individual CD’s $10.00 each - All three $25.00


Malaguena (1973)

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Colorado Trilogy
  3. October
  4. Trees
  5. Continuity
  6. Malaguena
  7. Better Place to Be
  8. Cold and Dusty Mornings
  9. Box Trilogy
  10. Together When Alone
  11. Goodby Song
Same Song Second Verse

Same Song Second Verse (1976)

  1. Prelude/Days and Ways
  2. Cold and Dusty Mornings
  3. Nothing Ever Stays the Same
  4. Friendships (Song for Nikki)
  5. Prelude/Same Song Second Verse
  6. The Dutchman
  7. Manuel Labor
  8. Continuity
  9. Albatros
It's All Done With Mirrors

It's All Done With Mirrors (1978)

  1. Manuel Labor
  2. Crawdads
  3. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
  4. Them Dog Kickers
  5. Them Moose Goosers
  6. Them Toad Suckers
  7. Maleguena
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Herbie Wirth
  10. Codine
  11. California Dreamin

Nostalgia CD Prices:

Individual CD $10.00 each
All three $25.00

To order these recordings call (303) 750-0665
Or E-Mail Duncan Tuck at duncan@duncantuck.com